Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Day Fifteen!


Crabs! They're godless killing machines. For too long our oceans have suffered under their brutal yoke, hunting and pillaging at their whim, eating whatever it is that they eat. Krill or something, I don't know. For too long has humanity suffered under the cold merciless gaze of their teeny-tiny beady little eyes and endured the painful nippings and pinchings of their stupid little claws, oh, always with the nips and the pinches.

But now, the brave men and women of the 15th Crustacean Persecution Squadron are making a stand. Using their patented Deep-Submergence Octotype Crab Murdering Vehicles they are bringing the fight right into the hated crab's living rooms, messing up their carpets and trailing seaweed all over their nice floors. HA HA HA! Take that crabs!!1!

...this is what happens when i skip dinner to draw stuff. My blood sugar level must be getting low or something.

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