Monday, March 4, 2013


LOOTZ! from the con!

First and foremost i managed to score couple of original pages from Brandon Graham's awesome and amazing Multiple Warheads comic, the acquisition of said objects being pretty much the reason why i'd gone to the con in the first place. He had a few pages from King City, a.k.a. The-Best-Comic-Book-In-The-World, but i'd run out of money at that point and getting Brandon's trademark puns, Sexica, Nikoli, Vladamir, quimmy slugs (yum) and a sentient angry weaponized kettle (or more accurately a kettle-ized weapon) on one page was gonna be hard to beat.

also, in no particular order, 'cos they're all also awesome and amazing: a sketchcover of Fiona and Cake from Jab, a couple of mini Octopus Pie collections and a print from Meredith Gran (as well as her whole run on the Adventure Time comicbook which i'd somehow managed to miss), a whole bunch of awesome and amazing sketchbooks from Akio Segawa, David Ryan Paul, J. Scott Campbell, Gigi D.G., Elsa Chang and Dustin Ngunen, a book of awesome and amazing caricatures by Tomas Overbai, an amazing and awesome (i'll stop doing that now) print by Brittney Lee, another print and a comic book from the awesome and amazing (i lied) Melissa Pagluica, some awesome and amazing stickers and postcards from James Franzen a.k.a. GoshaDole, an awesome and amazing (and cute) print of a gelatinous cube by Mikeatron!, and finally a whole bunch of artbooks and prints from the awesome and amazing and awesome Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying.

There's also the Monsters and Dames book featuring the awesome and amazing work of my pals Jin Shin, Scott 'CrayonMonsters' Kikuta and Ken 'Enfu' Taya. 

oh, and i also got to meet Brom and Larry Elmore, who are both thoroughly nice chaps as well as being (obviously) awesome and amazing.

I even managed to sell a few sketchbooks of my own. But more on that later.

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