Sunday, September 16, 2012

Blademaster and some more DK

text from Paul, Sept/14/2012 08.45am: post the blademaster already!!

OKAY JEEZ. I'm not very happy with the way the Blademaster concepts came out...he kind of looks like a rejected idea for Death, and the whole thing with the top of his hood being rounded, even though his skull has been sliced through in a straight line is just damn sloppy. Downright shoddy, and perhaps even a little slapdash.

I did like the idea that he'd been in so many fights and battles that he had dozens of swords and arrows and whatnot stuck though him. If you fought him and managed to disarm him, then he'd just whip out another sword that had been stuck through his ribcage for a thousand years.

Also, here's another concept for the Dead King: him sitting on his throne looking all grumpy.

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