Thursday, August 16, 2012

(deep growly voice) DARKCONCEPT SIDERSDUMP....(dramatic pause)...TWO!!!

Hey, Darksiders 2 came out! I worked on that! Time to start throwing up some concepts.

To start off, here's a couple of compilations of Dead King and Eternal Throne Serpent. The central conceit of Dead King was pretty tricky to get a grasp on at first, but after long hours of brainstorming we managed to nail down his two defining characteristics as a) he's a king, and b) he's dead, and things got a lot easier after that. The Serpent went through few more iterations (starting off as a gigantic beast of burden slogging around with the fortress/castle/temple of the Eternal Throne on it's back) but ended up as an giant undead flying snake thingy that towed the Throne (which became a sort of skeletal ghost ship) around by way of a whopping great harpoon stuck right through it's neck. Badass, eh?

As before, all images are (c) THQ and Vigil Games.

I'll be putting more concepts up over the next few days and weeks , but in the meantime *BEGIN PLUG* also check out Hybrid (out now!) and Scribblenauts Unlimited (soon!), both of which I've been helping out on for the last few months. *END PLUG*


Dan said...

Such awesome stuff Nick!!

Routinechaos said...

Cool as always dude! I got to see the scribblenauts game at a wiiu event this weekend, I'd love to know what you did for those games! :)