Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Vigil Nights pt. 1

So. That art show i mentioned? It's on Friday. If you're around the Austin area between 7 and 10 than come and have a gawp. It's free as in beer. Details on the Vigil site.

So here's the first of three^H^H^H^H^Htwo paintings that i said i'd get done. definitely not three. two.

Machine Maze:

Constructed from the rusting hulks of a thousand ancient starships, and riddled with uncountable traps and pitfalls, the Machine Maze has proved an impassable barrier to any who would challenge the might of Roboskull Mountain. Of course, if you have a squadron of Aerial Swoopasaurs then you can just fly over it. doh.


chukw said...

Beautiful stuff, Nick- I'm lovin' the atmospherics!


nick said...

Thanks, Chuk. i was worried that i'd made it too monochromatic...the pic lost a lot of it's initial vibrancy as i worked into it. Luckily, it printed out a little dark, which compensated quite well.

Scott Sutton said...


I picked up this print at Comicon today, and I just wanted to take the chance to say I really dig your artwork.

Look forward to seeing more!