Thursday, February 4, 2010

War Loadscreen

Another Joe Mad pic, coloured (does grey count as a colour? well, there's a bit of orange in there...) in by me. War looking all mean and moody-like.


Firecrow78 said...

Hey Nick great to see you finally post some of your work from Darksiders, that update was a long time coming. I was on looking at Pauls Darksiders work. I bet you boys had a blast doing concept for that game and getting to work with Joe must be cool. Looks like leaving Rare was the best thing you ever did.

Great work by the way and keep the updates coming.

nick said...

ha! hey Ryan, good to hear from ya. i had a fantastic time at Rare and met a lot of good peeps, but i'm glad i got the opportunity to work at Vigil. And i gotta say it's mostly down to Paul that i got my foot in the door here. Thanks, paul!