Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pilgrimy Goodness

Attention people! Scott Pilgrim Vol. 4 is out as of Yesterday. Fact: Did you know that Scott Pilgrim is the best comic book in the universe? Yes, even better than Blue Monday or King City. Yeah, i know. It's that good.

hmm. I do love those books as well though. uh...okay, maybe it's as good as Blue Monday or King City. They're pretty brilliant , as good, but in a different way. yeah. yeah, that sounds about right....okay i'm making a hash of this...lets just say if you haven't read either Scott Pilgrim, Blue Monday or King City stop whatever you're doing, run over to your nearest comic-book store and don't leave until you have made them your own. Go. Go now!

Anyway. i drew a scott pilgrim pic. enjoy!